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Heavy Duty Car & Truck Floor Mats
Car Boot Liners/Cargo Liners
Seat Covers

Car and truck covers
Window deflectors
Stone and bug deflectors
Sunroof deflectors
Moulded truck mudflaps

Truck bed tonneau covers
Truck bed divider
Truck bed liners
Racksack rooftop cargo carrier
Dog guard – Pet Barrier
Pet Tent

Stainless Step Bars
Bed rails
Stainless running boards
Billet grilles and grille guards

American car and truck service parts
Workshop and Owners manuals
GM Restoration Parts


American Vehicle Parts F.A.Q's

Why should I buy American-made products? My car is European.
The American automotive industry is still the largest and most influential in the world, and has one of the most diverse aftermarket car accessory industries. U.S. automotive companies have been at the forefront of innovative and technologically advanced car accessories for the last fifty years. Way back in the early days of
hotrodding, and racing at Daytona Beach, engineers and designers were perfecting products for a car-obsessed country that has spawned the multi-million dollar industry it is today.

Once America was dominated by its domestic manufacturers - GM, Ford and Chrysler. Now, most major car brands are represented in the U.S, thus offering the customer a wide choice of quality products for a wide range of makes and models.

Isn't it cheaper to buy some of these American products direct?
In a word - no! We import our regular lines on a weekly consolidated air freight shipment, saving up to 30% on air freight compared to a member of the public importing a product using regular air freight organisations like FedEx, UPS or DHL. Although the exchange rates have been kind to us, the fuel surcharges and import costs have been cruel, so the final bill from an air freight company with airline handling fees, clearance fees and duty can be well over double the initial cost of the product in the U.S.

Our customs clearance is normally within 24 hours, but clearance through commercial airlines, if done without a trade deferment account, can take between 5 and 7 days.

Why should I buy through an "Authorized Dealer"?
It's that old-fashioned thing called service. We have the knowledge of the products we sell to make sure we supply the best product for your vehicle and your budget. We will not sell you a product that is the cheapest just to get a sale! More often than not it will just mean you will buy the wrong product, be disappointed and will have wasted your hard-earned money.

Buying "Authorized" also gives you a product warranty in case any part is missing or damaged. If it is, we'll replace it. Simply put - we take the worry out of importing. We are authorized WeatherTech dealers for the UK. All WeatherTech mats and liners come with a 10 year warranty!!

We have negotiated keen prices based on a commitment to various manufacturers, so enabling us to offer competitive prices as well as a high-level of service. Also, our "Authorized Dealer" knowledge and experience is free!

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